Dexamethasone BP

Composition : Dexamethasone 1.0 mg / ml.

Indication : Eye : Non-infectious forms of conjunctivitis, keratitis and blepharitis, especially of allergic origin. Inflammation of the anterior uvea (iritis, iridocyclitis), scleritis, episcleritis, orbital myositis and sympathetic ophthalmia. Ear : Redness, itching and swelling caused by certain ear problems.

Dosage and administration : Eye : Administer 1 drop 3-5 times daily into the conjunctival sac. Acute cases : up to 1 drop hourly. Ear : 3 or 4 drops in the ear two or three times a day. Or, as directed by the registered physician.

Packing : 5 ml in plastic dropper bottle.

Prescribing Description

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