Drug International Limited is one of the leading and most reputed finished pharmaceutical products manufacturers in Bangladesh. DIL is engaged in the manufacture of medicinal products of all most all dosage forms such as oral solid, oral liquid, MDI, injectables etc. Drug International Limited has been expanding not only for business purposes but also to fulfill their social responsibilities. They have expanded their manufacturing unit to include an oncology drug manufacturing unit which was set up using their accumulated knowledge and experience. DIL has world class facilities to manufacture oncology products. The Unit was built and designed according to the latest guidelines for manufacturing and controlling the ONCOLOGY drug products. DIL has experienced and knowledgeable people from multiple disciplines working on the field to ensure product quality, strength, purity and efficacy. DIL is committed to promoting better life through better medicine. DIL has a strong and precise QMS (Quality Management system) to ensure product quality by maintaining robust documents for handling quality issues or market product complaints. Having a Dedicated manufacturing facility and dedicated HVAC system ensures product quality and minimizes the risk of cross contamination. As a Local cGMP certified manufacturing unit, DIL constantly thrives to incorporate innovative facilities in manufacturing and is always keen to raise the bar to serve humanity in a better way.

Manufacturing Cytotoxic Products

All our manufacturing facilities are a testament to the spirit of excellence we embody and epitomize. Strengths such as high-tech equipment, large capacity, modern infrastructure with modern containment technology, immaculate documentation and stringent quality standards enable our manufacturing facilities to fulfill optimal quality and safety standards at every phase of production.
Manufacturing units are equipped with modern facilities to formulate dedicated or selective dosage forms of Medicine. The plant was designed, built and validated according to the WHO-cGMP concept and local Drug Administration regulations. The Unit has sufficient space for manufacturing and handling cytotoxic products. The total land area is 1.5 acres and the built up area is 23432 sq. ft. There is a separated cafeteria and other facility accommodations at the cytotoxic manufacturing unit. The premises of Drug International Limited. was designed and constructed according to cGMP – Standards. The layout and design of the premises are standardized which minimizes the risk of errors and permits effective cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid cross-contamination, build up of dust or dirt and any general adverse effects on the quality of products. The sterile oncology manufacturing facility is designed for Occupational Band-5 compounds with PPEs and consists of a sterile liquid filling line equipped with an automated washing machine, a dehydrogenating tunnel, filling / capping, sealing, a post washing machine and a glove box ensure to the integrity of product. The liquid filling machine is also connected to a freeze dryer.
Our oncology department ensures high quality production area with:

  • Electrical Finger print for Access control for minimization of product contamination to personnel or environment that means environment safety
  • Air Shower utilize high-pressure, HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air to remove dust, fibrous lint and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces.
  • Water Shower to ensure the remove dust, fibrous lint and other contaminants from personnel
  • Chemical protective Suit
  • Clean Corridor Adjacent to Clean room
  • Operational Clean room
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Widely accepted Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Wash-in-Place (WIP) System
  • Automatic Post Vial washing machine
  • Restricted access barrier system (RABS)
  • Lyophilization Including CIP & SIP
  • Our personnel are highly Skilled, Experienced and Trained in the manufacturing of cytotoxic products.
  • For personnel protect use Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), 3M Mask
  • Automatic vial checking Machine
  • Separate Quality Control Department with all type of equipment
  • Separate Product Development Department
  • Separate Microbiology Department with all type of facilities
  • Separate Quality Assurance Department, they are highly skilled
  • Purified water and water for injection plant and distribution systems are designed to maintain the water quality according to the relevant requirements and state-of-the-art engineering design which include

Environment Health & Safety:

  • Dedicated AHU for each of the Manufacturing Site
  • Bag in Bag our system to protect outside environment
  • Isolator for personnel and environment protection
  • Regular health check up
  • Multilayer HEPA installed on the Air Filtration System
  • Incinerator for burning of contaminated supportive utilities
  • PAPR and 3M Mask for personal protection
  • ETP for environment protection

Our Achievement

  • We were the first company in Bangladesh to introduce Docetaxel Vincrisfine, Sulphate, Doxorubicin Hydrochlorid in solution form
  • We have successfully developed and manufactured oncology product like paclitaxel, fluorouracil, capecitabine, cisplatin etc.
  • we have extended our anti-cancer portfolio to treat various types of cancer.

The dedicated line is operational in early 2017 and offering full-service and project management from API to finished dosage form of injectable products. Drug International Limited. wants to relief to the lives of cancer patients with its range of quality products at affordable cost.
Drug International Limited have own Cancer centre named Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital cancer centre (KYAMCH cancer centre ) Facilitate to provide unique care for terminally ill cancer patients. So it is easy to us to reach out to all types of oncologists and also specialists to ensures our product quality and provide better support for better treatment.

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