Favipiravir INN

Composition : Each Film Coated Tablet Contains Favipiravir INN 200mg.

Indication : New or emerging influenza virus infections, provided that other anti-influenza virus drugs are ineffective or insufficiently effective.

Dosage and administration : In general, for adults, favipiravir is orally administered at a dose of 1600mg twice a day on the first day and 600mg twice a day on the second to fifth days. The total administration period should be 5 days. Or, as directed by the registered physician.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : 1. Do not administer to pregnant women or women who may be pregnant. 2. If administered to a nursing woman, instruct to stop lactation (It has been observed that the hydroxylated form, the main metabolite of this drug, migrates into human breast milk).

Packing: Each box contains 20 tablets in a container.

Prescribing Description

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