Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate USP

Composition: Cyphos-200mg Injection: Each vial contains Cyclophosphamide 200mg (As Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate USP) Lyophilized Powder for Solution for IV Infusion.

Cyphos-1gm Injection: Each vial contains Cyclophosphamide 1gm (As Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate USP) Lyophilized Powder for Solution for IV Infusion.

Indications: Malignant diseases: Cyclophosphamide, although effective alone in susceptible malignancies, is more frequently used concurrently or sequentially with other antineoplastic drugs. The following malignancies are often susceptible to Cyclophosphamide treatment: 1. Malignant lymphomas (Stages III and IV of the Ann Arbor staging system), Hodgkin’s disease, lymphocytic lymphoma (nodular or diffuse), mixed-cell type lymphoma, histiocytic lymphoma, Burkitt's lymphoma. 2. Multiple myeloma. 3. Leukemias: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic granulocytic leukemia (it is usually ineffective in acute blastic crisis), acute myelogenous and monocytic leukemia, acute lymphoblastic (stem-cell) leukemia in children (Cyclophosphamide given during remission is effective in prolonging its duration). 4. Mycosis fungoides (advanced disease). 5. Neuroblastoma (disseminated disease). 6. Retinoblastoma. 7. Metastasizing and non-metastasizing malignant solid tumors: Ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer, small cell lung cancer, neuroblastoma, Ewing's sarcoma. 8. Progressive autoimmune diseases: Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthropathy, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, systemic vasculitides, certain types of glomerulonephritis, myasthenia gravis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, cold agglutinin disease.

Nonmalignant Disease: Biopsy Proven "Minimal Change" Nephrotic Syndrome in Children Cyclophosphamide is useful in carefully selected cases of biopsy proven "minimal change" nephrotic syndrome in children but should not be used as primary therapy. In children whose disease fails to respond adequately to appropriate adrenocorticosteroid therapy or in whom the adrenocorticosteroid therapy produces or threatens to produce intolerable side effects, Cyclophosphamide may induce a remission. Cyclophosphamide is not indicated for the nephrotic syndrome in adults or for any other renal disease.


Cyphos-200mg Injection: Each box contains 1 vial of Cyclophosphamide 200mg lyophilized Powder.

Cyphos-1gm Injection: Each box contains 1 vial of Cyclophosphamide 1gm lyophilized Powder.

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