Research & Development

Drug International Limited. has a centralized research center with modern facilities and a group of young dedicated and energetic personnel are engaging in the Research & Development with immense resources facilities. They have never held as much promise as they do today. Our R & D is a highly experienced multidisciplinary team. DIL R&D is focused towards formulation development and adaptation for scale up production, improving existing products as well as drug delivery systems. Formulation development and adaptation for scale up production with process validation; method validation is performed in collaboration with QA/QC. Stability study and shelf life determination of pharmaceutical products.

Objective of R & D

The objective of our R & D strength is to develop new drug delivery system and various dosage forms like controlled release, immediate release, MDI, effervescent formulations, nasal preparations, cream & ointment preparations, liquid injections prefilled syringe injections, ophthalmic products, lyophilized products in key therapeutic segments in addition to the conventional dosage forms. R & D also ensure the quality of its products for wellbeing of patients safety & efficacy of the product.

R & D Ensures

  • check bio-chemical action of ingredients.
  • Trials to assess efficiency and reproducibility of formulation (process validation)
  • Stability study following ICH guide-line to check physical, chemical, and microbiological aspects of formulation. Standardize processes for uniform quality.
  • Transfer of technology to production department.
  • Analytical method validation

Equipment Facilities for R & D

R & D equipped with all the necessary machineries & equipments of cGMP standard in small scale for the team to develop products.
Analytical development is supported by our Quality Control Department. Quality Control Department is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like UHPLC, Gas Chromatography, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, FTIR, etc. A dedicated team is involved in the development and validation of methods of API, raw materials & finished products. A highly sophisticated microbiology laboratory has been setup to cater to the need for quality control of regular products as well as control of all the different biological products that the company produces.
Our R & D team has dedicated to development the new technology & launching new product. We are pioneer to cardiovascular diabetic product & soft capsule form . we introduce Gynomix at first time in Bangladesh.

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