Epomax 3000 Injection

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Epomax 3000 Injection: Each Pre-filled Syringe contains 0.3 ml Erythropoietin concentrated solution (rDNA) BP 3000 IU.

Indications: Erythropoietin is indicated for the treatment of 1.Anemia associated with Chronic Renal Failure, including patients on dialysis (ESRD) and patients not on dialysis.2.Anemia in patients with non-myeloid malignancies where anemia is due to the effect of concomitantly administered chemotherapy. 3. Anemic patients (hemoglobin > 10 to < 13>4. Anemia related to therapy with zidovudine in HIV-infected patients.


Treatment of anemia In chronic renal failure: Erythropoietin is administered to maintain hemoglobin concentration between 11 to 12 g/dl and hematocrit of 33 - 36 % in adults.

Starting dose: Adult: usually 50 to 100 IU/kg three times in a week (TIW) by IV or Subcutaneous route Pediatric: 50 IU/kg TIW by IV or Subcutaneous route

Dose adjustment: Dose should be increased if hematocrit doses not increase by 5 to 6 points after 8 weeks therapy, and hematocrit is below suggested target range. Dose should be reduced when hematocrit approaches 36% or hematocrit increases > 4 points in any 2-week period.

Treatment of anemia in cancer patients on chemotherapy Starting dose: Adult: 150 IU/kg TlW by Subcutaneous route or 40,000 IU Subcutaneous route weekly Pediatric: 25 to 300 IU/kg 3 to 7 times per week by Subcutaneous or IV route.

Use in pregnancy and lactation Pregnancy Category C. Since there are no controlled studies oferythropoietin in pregnant women, and because animal reproduction studiesare not always predictive of human responses, erythropoietin should beused during pregnancy only if clearly needed.

Epomax-3000 Injection: Each box contains 1 pre-filied syringe containing 3000 IU of recombinant Erythropoietin.

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